Marketing Works

Marketing Works


  • Global manufacturer of digital imaging products.
  • Multiple product categories.
  • PC and mobile-based online training.


  • Significantly increase performance across all core KPIs.
  • Expand reach and exposure to retail sales associates.
  • Increase retail sales associate (RSA) engagement.
  • Capitalize on successful learnings and replicate for future training course releases.


  • Client wanted to significantly improve performance of its current SellPro content portfolio over a two-month period. Aggressive benchmarks were put in place with an objective to meet and exceed those goals. If initial goals were met, client wanted to replicate the strategy and tactics with a new course to ensure that the enhancements were permanent and repeatable.

Our Solution

  • Develop a custom and robust marketing solution to increase sales associate reach.
  • Build awareness by supporting training course launches with promotional support.
  • Utilize paid social media to expand reach and exposure.
  • Drive RSA awareness, consideration and participation with ongoing marketing support.
  • Optimize to the client’s goals in real-time by utilizing our proprietary reporting engine.

The results of the campaign were immediate.

  • SellPro was able to meet client goals within the first 21 days of campaign launch, a result that was expected to take 2 months.
  • After the initial 2-Month implementation phase, user certifications were 113% above established goal.
  • During the second phase, SellPro was able to meet client goals within the first 8 days of the campaign—a campaign that was scheduled to last 2 months.
  • After the second 2-month confirmation of learnings phase, user certifications were 154% above established goal.

As a result of the test, the client increased the volume of courses released on SellPro and increased their utilization of SellPro’s marketing services.

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