Two Platforms Enter. One Platform Leaves

Two Platforms Enter. One Platform Leaves


  • Global PC and peripherals manufacturer.
  • Multiple product categories.
  • Robust field force operating in all markets.
  • PC-based online training.


  • Find a streamlined and scalable solution for retail sales training.
  • Reduce cost of maintenance and enhancements.
  • Improve efficiency in deployment of new features and customizations.
  • Increase retail sales associate (RSA) engagement.
  • Explore the benefits of a mobile-first platform.
  • Utilize a platform with robust real-time reporting and analytics.


  • Client wanted to compare the performance of its current training platform with SellPro over a 9-week test period. Courses, incentives and support would be mirrored on both platforms. Success would be measured based on speed of deployment, execution quality, total reach of retail associates and number of course certifications.

Our Solution

  • Customize platform cost structure to cater to the client’s performance and fiscal needs.
  • Receive, ingest, deploy and distribute client training content in hours/days not weeks.
  • Activate Mobile RSAs across iOS and Android phones and tablets.
  • Drive RSA awareness, consideration and participation with customized marketing support.
  • Optimize to the client’s goals in real-time by utilizing our proprietary reporting engine.

The results of the campaign were staggering.

  • SellPro was able to deploy a week faster.
  • SellPro received overwhelmingly positive reviews from both RSAs and field reps when compared to the other platform.
  • SellPro was able to train and certify almost 2X more users (see chart).

In addition to the increase in KPIs, SellPro was able to:

  • Gain over 10k new RSA users during the test while the alternative saw no increase in users.
  • Attained 21% post-certification engagement with training content.

As a result of the test, the client decided to make SellPro its exclusive platform for retail learning.


Subsequently, SellPro has expanded its user base to 67k+ users and deployed native Windows apps, and in-browser capabilities, thus expanding its reach to virtually any phone, tablet or PC.

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