Scary Good Results

Scary Good Results


  • All Active SellPro Clients.
  • Multiple product categories.


National increase in completions


  • Significantly increase number of new SellPro users.
  • Increase individual retail sales associate (RSA) engagement.
  • Leverage the Halloween season to drive increased awareness and trial of SellPro.
  • Create halo effect of increased engagement that benefits all SellPro Clients.
  • Record, analyze and optimize campaign to deliver maximum results across the platform.


SellPro wanted to generate increased user engagement by leveraging a current and cultural event. While SellPro’s traditional marketing strategy and tactics were already delivering strong results, we wanted to execute something out of the box and outside of the norm to shake things up. It was imperative that this campaign benefit not just SellPro, but also benefit our clients in the way of increased course engagement.

Our Solution

  • Continue to build and maintain a robust community of retail sales associates with a fun and innovative concept that tethers users around a shared experience.
  • This ambitious idea surrounded the regular cadence of course announcements and promotions with a mysterious story and reports of strange things happening inside the app and at SellPro HQ.
  • As we communicated with SellPro users about the unusual happenings at SellPro HQ, we cleverly built awareness of the potentially ‘haunted’ client courses, driving curiosity, client awareness and trial.
  • Our expectation of these efforts were to be increased awareness and curiosity about the platform.
  • The Halloween narrative lasted 30 days with elements of the story slowly driving to an exciting conclusion.

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Out the box thinking. Off the charts results.

  • The campaign generated a 95% increase in engaged users across the entire platform.
  • Clients benefited from a 99% increase in completions when compared to the previous month’s performance metrics.
  • We received over 1,000 non-app engagements, including social posts, emails and blog comments.

SellPro users LOVED IT!!

“I’m not sure what you guys are doing, but it’s brilliant” -David (SellProUser)

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